Your travel guide for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a land rich with natural wonders. From tall mountain peaks and pristine beaches to rivers and jungles, the island is abundant with natural attractions. Among these natural spectacles are its many scenic waterfalls.

Sera Ella is one such beautiful waterfall that lies within the serene mountains of the Matale District. This enchanting waterfall offers a quiet and peaceful getaway. In this travel guide, we'll explore more about Sera Ella and how to make the most of your visit.

The Natural Beauty of Sera Ella

Sri Lanka is home to several stunning waterfalls, such as Ravana Falls and Diyaluma Falls. However, Sera Ella stands out for its unique features and mystical charm. Located near Riverston, this lesser-known waterfall is 10 meters tall and is an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts and adventurers.

The most notable feature of Sera Ella is that there is a cave situated right behind the cascade. You can go inside this cave and view the beautiful curtain of water as it falls gracefully, creating an otherworldly atmosphere.

The waterfall is surrounded by a peaceful jungle, colored in shades of green. Beyond the roar of the waterfall, you may hear the calls of endemic birds or the sound of leaves rustling in the breeze. It's a serene setting where the sounds of nature come to life.

Calling Sera Ella "photogenic" doesn't quite do it justice. Each viewpoint offers a chance to capture the waterfall's beauty from a new angle, making it an excellent subject.

How to Get There

If you plan to visit Sera Ella, it's a good idea to include it as part of a trip to Riverston. The two spots complement each other well, offering a range of natural sights and experiences. From Riverston, Sera Ella is about 1 hour away.

The road from Riverston to Sera Ella is rough and bumpy. For this reason, many travelers choose to hire a vehicle specifically designed for more challenging terrains, such as a jeep or an SUV. This way, you can focus on enjoying the scenery without worry.

The main road leads close to Sera Ella. From this point on, you will have to take a small hike through the jungle to get to the waterfall.

Experiencing Sera Ella

When visiting Sera Ella, there are several activities that allow you to fully engage with the natural beauty of the area.

One of the best options is to take a swim in the pool formed at the waterfall's base. The water is cool and refreshing, a welcome sight, especially if you have been hiking around Riverston. Even if you're not a swimmer, dipping your feet in the water while sitting on the rocks can still be a delight.

But the most popular thing to do for many is to go into the cave behind the waterfall. The cave offers an amazing photo opportunity with the cascading falls as the backdrop. It's a unique spot where you can admire the waterfall's beauty while being enveloped by it.

In addition to a relaxing swim, photography, and picnics, the surrounding area is excellent for a stroll through nature. It is a rich ecosystem with diverse flora and fauna that is fascinating to explore.

Whether you're an amateur photographer, a birdwatcher, or just someone looking to spend some quiet moments in nature, Sera Ella will not disappoint.

After you return from a refreshing dip in the waterfall or a relaxing stroll, don't forget to try out some delicious food from the local vendors nearby. You can enjoy some pol roti with a special sambol and have a cool glass of lemon juice, or go for some sweet pancakes with a hot cup of tea.

Best Time to Visit Sera Ella

For the best experience, consider visiting Sera Ella between November and March. During these months, the waterfall is most majestic, offering an awe-inspiring natural spectacle.

Travel Tips

  • Wear hiking boots: In terms of gear, wearing a good pair of hiking boots is recommended, as the trail can get slippery.
  • Prepare for the weather and insects: A raincoat and insect repellent can also come in handy.
  • Safety: Remember, safety should always be your priority. Always inform someone of your travel plans, especially if you are hiking alone.
  • Phone: Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged in case of an emergency and for capturing photos.

Nearby Attractions

1. Riverston: Located about an hour's drive from Sera Ella, Riverston is a hiker's paradise. It is also famous for its astonishing scenic views of hills, valleys, and breathtaking landscapes.

2. Pitawala Pathana: Known for its "Mini World's End," this unique grassland is another beautiful natural attraction. A simple walking trail leads to a cliff that offers stunning scenery of the area.

3. Knuckles Mountain Range: An excellent location for more adventurous hiking, the Knuckles Range is a UNESCO World Heritage site that offers various trails with diverse flora and fauna.

4. Bambarakiri Ella: Another waterfall close to the area, less crowded than Sera Ella, and perfect for those looking for a secluded natural experience.

5. Aluvihara Rock Temple: This ancient temple complex in Matale is significant for its historical and cultural value. The cave temples are adorned with murals and house many Buddha statues.

With its magical atmosphere and stunning natural beauty, Sera Ella beckons travelers to go off the beaten path. From clicking some awesome photos from the cave to the simple joy of a refreshing swim in its natural pool, this majestic waterfall is a haven for those in search of both serenity and adventure.

So if your travels bring you near Riverston, make sure to carve out time for Sera Ella, where an unforgettable experience awaits!

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